Our Products & Services

Wellscroft Farm is a family owned and operated farm located in Southern NH. Some of our offerings include:

  • Freezer Lamb: Custom Cut & Flash Frozen
  • Sheepskins and Wool Blankets
  • Herding Demonstrations


The name Wellscroft was formed from two parts: ‘Wells’ and ‘croft.’ Wells is a family name that goes back many generations and ‘croft’ is an old Scottish word meaning ‘a small farm.’

We do allow the public to come see the farm, however we ask that you please call ahead to be sure we are open and can assist you.  We run a very busy fencing business so we may recommend the self-guided tour if we are unavailable. NOTE: We do not put on dog demonstrations for visitors because we are busy during the day. However, occasionally we will perform scheduled demonstrations for school groups.

Wellscroft Farm sits perched in the hills of Southwestern NH and since 1974 has thrived as one of New England’s largest working sheep farms. The farm raises livestock on its 300 acres of forests and pastures and currently maintains a flock of about 200 commercial Dorset-Cross ewes and 20 Boer goats.

In addition to the sheep, the farm is home to a flock of laying hens and each spring a small drove of hogs. Last but not least, the farm is protected from predators by two guard llamas and a Great Pyrenees guard dog.

Since its inception, over 13,000 lambs have been born at Wellscroft contributing to the success of numerous products including market lambs, freezer lambs, breeding stock, wool and wool blankets, and sheepskins.

In addition to lamb and wool products, the farm also produces beautiful multi-colored eggs from its flock of free-range hens as well as sells hay to neighboring farms and rich, composted manure to gardeners.

Wellscroft Farm is a recognized innovative leader in livestock farming throughout New England and in 1999, was honored to be awarded recognition as a New Hampshire Farm of Distinction. With over 40 years of farming experience, owner and founder David Kennard received Andrew L. Felker Award for significant contributions to the health and vitality of New Hampshire agriculture. David’s passion for farming and public outreach continues to be fueled by the interest and energy of next generation farmers.

In addition to the flock, Owner David Kennard, and his son Colin also raise and train Border Collies, which are critical farmhands as well as beloved family members who are a keystone in daily farm operations. A litter of Border Collie puppies is born every couple of years to provide an invaluable asset to other working farms. The Kennards are also widely known and praised throughout New England for their entertaining and informative herding demonstrations.