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Freezer Lamb

We raise spring lambs for the Greek and Roman Easter market in April, as well as freezer lambs which are custom cut and sold to customers by the whole or half animal. Since we need to know how many lambs to reserve for our freezer customers, we usually take orders for this in March. When the time arrives, we will call to give you two weeks notice, before the lamb will be ready. We do require a small non-refundable deposit and customers do have the option of canceling their order at any time. Freezer lamb is usually ready for pick up in late June or July.

Freezer lamb is sold per pound based on whether you purchase a whole lamb or half lamb, but prices are typically below the industry standard. Please call us for current pricing. Our lamb is all natural, free of antibiotics and steroids. It is less than six months old and finished on grain so it is naturally tender, juicy and flavorful. It is processed in a federally inspected slaughterhouse and then flash frozen. We have a satisfaction guarantee.

Your lamb may be cut up in the same manner as your last order, or you may specify changes by contacting us. A whole lamb will range from 45 to 70 pounds carcass weight, and in terms of space, will fit in one to two liquor boxes. Lamb may be picked up here at the farm, or special arrangements may be made to get it at the slaughterhouse.

See our Lambcuts chart (left) to learn more about the cuts we offer and methods for cooking them.